Funeral Urns are used to hold the cremated ashes of your loved one. In current day Singapore, most people will store the funeral urn in a chosen niche or sometimes, even the family’s home. On rare occasions, urns are also laid to rest on the ocean bed in a sea burial.

Like caskets, funeral urns come in many different materials, shapes and sizes. Each urn has its own unique quality and specialty. They are specific in design and functionality too.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding on a Funeral Urn

Choosing the perfect funeral urn can be difficult. Some factors to consider include:

  • Budget
  • Style
  • Placement and storing of the urn
  • Whether the ashes will be scattered; and
  • Personalization requirements (if any).

All these factors aim to aid the family in narrowing down their options from a wide variety of styles.


There is an extensive price range when it comes to purchasing a funeral urn. Deciding on a budget for the funeral urn will narrow down your options and simplify the process immensely. Hence always decide on the budget first and the rest will fall into place.



Funeral Urns are usually made from materials such as:

  • Ceramic
  • Hardwood
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Customized
  • Biodegradable Elements

Ceramic, Hardwood and Metal Urns are the more popular options here in Singapore. This is because of the popular option of wanting to safe keep the urn containing the ashes of the deceased in a niche. Biodegradable elements used to make the urn are also available for those who wish for burial of the funeral urn.

Shapes and Sizes:

The shape and style of the urn can be completely customizable and picked based on personal preferences. Some may want a smaller urn and others may want a bigger urn based on what they decide to keep with the ashes (e.g. items dear to the departed loved one). Urns can also be styled and made to fit certain themes, as well as customized to resemble some aspects of the deceased’s personality or hobbies.

Place for Storage of the Funeral Urn

Here in Singapore, the most popular option is to safe keep the ashes in a chosen niche. Burial or keeping the ashes at home are uncommon due to the lack of space in Singapore and the regulations and policies regarding the keeping of ashes in homes. It is important to consider the size of the urn when choosing a niche.

Scattering of Ashes

Some urns are made specifically for the purpose of scattering the ashes. The way it is shaped makes the process easier especially when wind and weather conditions has a direct impact on the scattering process.

Personalization of the Urn

There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to personalizing the funeral urn. Most commonly seen are urns where there is an area where the loved one’s picture can be printed on or attached. Other customizations such as shaping of the urn to look like a certain sport, animal, object, etc. are also widely available. There are also options for couples and infants.

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