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Generally, Singapore Taoists believe in the great value of the present life. Taoism hence focuses largely on the health and the prolonging of earthly life. Taoists believe that in leading a simple and peaceful life and doing what is necessary, they will be able to achieving immortality in the afterlife.

Taoists also believe that the human body is filled with spirits, gods, or demons. Therefore, when people die, rituals are performed to protect the body of the deceased as spirits are believed to leave the body, making it defenceless.

However, the Taoist funeral service can be a complex process due to various interpretations by different parties based on the long standing coexistence with Buddhism and Confucianism. It is therefore common to see an interweaving of Buddhist rituals in a Taoist funeral. Additionally, due to the fact that it is inauspicious to speak about death, there is little published online about Taoist Funerals. Hence, Singapore Taoist funeral services have become more simplified as generations pass and it is sometimes up to the deceased’s family to incorporate elements of other believes as they see fit.



Overview of Taoist Funeral Services and Rites

The centrepiece of a Taoist funeral is the alter with:

  • A sacred lamp flanked by 2 candles (the lamp symbolically represents the light of wisdom and the candles, sun and moonlight)
  • Tea which represents yin
  • Water to symbolise yang
  • Rice to manifest the union of the two (ie yin and yang)
  • Fruits in the following colours (yellow, green, red, black and white) to symbolise wood, fire, earth, metal, and water (ie the 5 elements)

An incense burner is placed right in the middle of the elements representing the purification of the inner life of the deceased. The smells of incense and flowers and photos of the deceased surround the area.

The rites performed at a funeral are believed to:

  • Protect and purify the body of the deceased;
  • Ensure the safe passage and a good life for the deceased in the afterlife;
  • Bless and protect the deceased’s family;

The duration of a Taoist Funeral can be anywhere between 3, 5 or 7 days. It is not uncommon to have both Monks and Taoists priests conducting rites for the deceased due to various beliefs. Prayers are to be conducted every 7 days in a period of 49 days of mourning following the funeral.



The Role of a Funeral Director in a Taoist Funeral

As a result of the variations in procedures of the Taoist funeral, the role of a funeral director becomes extremely important. To avoid confusion and ensure that the funeral proceeds in a honorary and hassle-free manner, a funeral director, experienced in Taoist Funeral practices and customs can provide advice and guidance to the family. A funeral director can help to ensure that the deceased is properly honoured with a meaningful and dignified funeral and ensure the smooth proceedings of the funeral, allowing the family of the deceased to mourn in their own right.

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At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we understand your grief and know that this is a difficult time for you. Hence, all our staff have been trained to be extra sensitive and attentive to your every need throughout the wake and funeral proceedings. By leaving the funeral logistics to us, you can have peace of mind knowing that every minute detail will be taken care of, and that the end result is always a smooth running, stress-free and well arranged funeral.



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