Mortician Make-up Services

Make-up services is provided for in all our funeral packages as there is a need for the bereaved family to be able to have their loved one looking as dignified and presentable as possible, for the wake. This can be done by both the embalmer or a mortician make-up artist. However, as both experts have different areas of expertise, it is advisable to engage a mortician make-up artist, separate from the embalmer, to beautify the deceased, which we provide.

The Mortician Make-up Process

Since bodies start decomposing almost immediately after death, embalming is required to prepare the deceased for beautification by a mortician make-up artist. Un-embalmed tissue is often too soft to make-up properly. Embalming the body hence makes the skin more firm and brings colour back to the deceased’s face, providing a more desirable base for applying cosmetics.

Mortician make-up begins with identifying the right shade of foundation. Most mortician make-up artists prefer to use airbrushing as embalmed skin is often too firm hence airbrushing provides a streak-free, full coverage base for further application of cosmetics. Next, a strong concealer is used to cover blemishes on the face, neck and hands. Following which, blush is applied richly, to bring back a lively glow to the face. Light make-up is applied on the eyelids and eyebrows to provide a natural look. The goal of mortician make-up artist is to illuminate the face, bringing a livelike glow back to the deceased’s outer appearance and make-up is kept natural and minimal, accentuating the deceased’s natural beauty. The idea is to enable the deceased to look as peaceful as possible, as if they were simply sleeping.

Other Reasons Why Mortician Make-Up Service is Required?

Besides beautifying the deceased for the wake, a mortician make-up artist may be required for the following reasons:

  • If the deceased has visible bruises or colouring on the skin, due to the cause of death, families may prefer to conceal it so as to give the deceased a more dignified appearance at the wake.
  • When cosmetic reconstruction has been performed by the embalmer due to injury or other easily seen damage to the body, scars or stitch marks may be visible. A good mortician make-up artist can make them appear less visible.

Why a Good Mortician Make-Up Artist Is Important?

A mortician make-up artist is an expert in beautifying the deceased. They are trained specialists who know what to take away from the deceased and what to retain on the face so as to accentuate the natural beauty of the deceased. This ensures that family and friends who pay their last respects feel most at ease when doing so, as if their deceased loved one is merely sleeping. At their final stages on earth, you would want your deceased family member to look at ease and be most illuminated. Afterall, the final memory of the deceased at the wake, should be the most beautiful one as it is retained, forever.

Why Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪)?

The Tee Family has been in the funeral trade since 1965, helping bereaved Singapore families of all race and religion with all types of funeral arrangements. And with Solace, being helmed by our founder, Damien Tee (a third generation Tee family funeral director), you are assured of an experienced funeral services provider whenever you hire us. With us, you can expect a memorable and dignified farewell for your deceased loved one.

In addition, we are affordably priced with mortician make-up services included as standard in all our funeral packages.

At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we understand your grief and know that this is a difficult time for you. Hence, all our professional mortician make-up artist have been trained to be extra attentive to details, when beautifying to your deceased family member.

More importantly, by leaving the funeral logistics and arrangement to us, you can have peace of mind knowing that every minute detail will be taken care of, and that the end result is always a smooth running, stress-free and well arranged funeral.

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