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The venue of a funeral celebration is one of the most important aspects in hosting and accommodating guests who come to offer their support and condolences to the family of the deceased. It reciprocates and highlights the mutual respect and appreciation that the guests demonstrates to their departed loved one, and the grieving family to their guests. The funeral venue is also one that sets the mood of the occasion, with its decorations that help to flash out the significance of the event, to maintain the solemnity and tranquillity of the funeral ceremony.

Finding the Perfect Location for a Meaningful Funeral Celebration

The location chosen to carry out a funeral celebration could differ depending on a multitude of reasons. A common determining factor is the religious beliefs that the deceased believed in and has practiced during his time on Earth. Most religious based funerals are commemorated in certain specific venues. Such examples include: Buddhist and Taoist funerals at Void Decks or Temples; Catholic and Christian funerals at Churches or Religious Places of Gathering; Non-religious funerals usually held wherever the family prefers to commemorate the special occasion at. Another common location where funerals are held is the home of the deceased. When none of the above alternatives are available, bereaved families usually turn to Funeral Parlour rental as a viable alternative.

Funeral Parlour Location

At time of writing, there are 3 privately owned non-religious themed funeral parlours available for rental in Singapore. They are:

What to Expect at a Funeral Parlour?

The Funeral Parlour, with its conducive and spacious environment, maintains a welcoming atmosphere family and for guests to pay their last respect to the deceased.

The majority of funeral parlours in Singapore offer a wide range of basic necessities:

  • Tables and Chairs that are properly lined with sophisticated linen covers and cloth
  • Casket area that will be decorated with mandatory ritual items and according to religious themes
  • Fridge for refreshments
  • Designated area for Condolences Flowers and Wreaths
  • Donation box; and
  • Condolences book

These Funeral Parlours are religion-neutral and can easily cater to your any needs, when it comes to preparations and planning of the funeral. Hence, no matter how simple or elaborate the funeral celebration is, we will be able to find a Funeral Parlour able to accommodate your every need.

Our Funeral Parlour Rental Service

At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we offer convenient one stop Funeral Parlour rental services for those who wish for more convenience and for our expertise in hosting funeral ceremonies. Our Funeral Director, or his highly experienced support staff will be able to guide you through the process of making the necessary arrangements for Funeral Parlour rental, as well as to offer their knowledge on certain important areas for the ceremony. The extremely simplified and hassle-free process allows for family members to have the space and time to go through this difficult period of grief and properly mourn for their deceased loved one.

Why Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪)?

The Tee Family has been in the funeral trade since 1965, helping bereaved Singapore families of all race and religion with all types of funeral arrangements. And with Solace, being helmed by our founder, Damien Tee (a third generation Tee family funeral director), you are assured of an experienced funeral services provider whenever you hire us. With us, you can expect a memorable and dignified farewell for your deceased loved one.

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Our Funeral Services Consultants are available 24/7 to assist you. To reach us, simple call our helpline at +65 6631 8411 or email us with the contact form on this page.  At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), help is always only a phone call away.

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