Funeral Flower Arrangement

Funeral flowers (or more specifically Condolences Wreaths) are gifts from guests to the family of the deceased, to offer their condolences, support and comfort in this difficult period of grief and loss. Wreaths are usually sent by friends and distant relatives to show their respects and acknowledgement of the occasion. The circular structure of a funeral wreath represents eternity, growth and everlasting life, which is intended to be wished upon for the deceased.

Symbolism of Flowers at Funerals

Flowers act as a visual representation for emotions. Such examples are: love, respect, grief, sympathy and condolences. Whether in the form of a bouquet or a wreath, the flowers signifies the care and support given to the family members of the deceased.

Common Types of Funeral Flowers

The use of flowers to symbolise various messages from the giver to the receiver is evident through the type of flower given. Each type of flower has a specific meaning that it entails. Some common examples of the types of flowers usually given and seen at funerals are:


White lilies are one of the more commonly used flowers in funerals here today. They represent purity and innocence, and are often associated with showing condolences and sympathy.


Roses are one of the frequently used flowers when it comes to making flower wreaths. They are not just decorative pieces in the flower wreath or bouquet. They hold many different meanings depending on its multitude of colours:

  • Red: Respect, Love, Devotion, Courage
  • White: Purity, Humility, Spirituality, Sympathy, Innocence
  • Pink: Admiration, Appreciation, Love
  • Dark Burgundy Red: Longing, Love, Grief, Sorrow
  • Yellow: Joy, Friendship, Platonic love, Hope

As there are many variations of roses, it is advised that you should consult a florist who specialises in making funeral wreaths and bouquets, to ensure that your personalised messages are accurately conveyed.


Carnations are more fragrant and lasting as compared to other flowers usually seen at funerals. They symbolise admiration, hope, remembrance, innocence and love. They are common flowers seen in flower arrangements conveying the message of sympathy.


Chrysanthemums are a widely used flower to symbolise death and grief. The brightly coloured and intricate petals highlights hope for the future, for the healing of the family of the deceased and optimism.


Orchids symbolises love and sympathy. Only pink and white orchids are used in funeral flower arrangements.

Why Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪)?

For three generations, the Tee family has been in the Singapore funeral trade. Over the years, we have helped generations of Singaporean families plan and arrange meaningful and dignified funerals. Needless to say, the funeral flower arrangements and wreaths for many of these funerals are handled by us as well.

Unlike other Funeral services providers who sub-contract their orders of funeral flowers, we don’t. We have a sister company, Jen De Florist & Gifts, owned by a second generation Tee family member, which do all our flower and wreath arrangements. This way, we always have 100% control of quality and thus can ensure we provide the most appropriate funeral flower arrangements at all times.

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