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Unlike catering for birthdays, wedding, parties etc which can be planned in advanced, Funeral Catering is different; the date is never pre-determined and in the midst of grief, planning for food and drinks is likely the last thing you will want to do. At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we understand your grief and frustrations. That’s why we have added Funeral Catering to the list of services we provide; so that you can leave the meals planning to us, leaving your mind at peace to mourn for your deceased loved ones properly.

Funeral Catering is Best Left To The Experts

It is always best to let your funeral services provider arrange the Funeral Catering. There are a lot of sensitivities when it comes to arranging the food menu for a funeral. Chief among them is the appropriateness of the food being served. This can be simple, but it has to be dignified. And what’s considered simple and/or dignified can vary greatly among the different races in Singapore, and also by what’s traditional for the various religious groups. For example, Taoist funerals tend to be more elaborate and sometimes may require on location cooking. Catholic and Christian funerals tend to be simpler and a modest buffet spread may already be sufficient. Thus, an inexperienced caterer will not be able to provide the best recommendations, leading to unnecessary stress for the bereaved family.

Our Menu Selection and Service

Our food options are sufficiently varied to cover a wide range of different funerals. While, its possible to select the menu items yourself, if you prefer, with a simple description, we will customize a whole new menu for you.

Why Use Our Catering Services?

At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), our funeral catering team are well trained in the area of hospitality. We understand your needs and will be able to suggest menu choices to perfectly suit your requests, be it dietary restrictions or religious requirements. So whatever your race and/or religion, you will be assure of food choices and table settings that best suit your needs.

With us, you do not have to worry about the taste or appropriateness of the catered food or the gracefulness of table displays. We have the confidence to do it all, beautifully, for you. In short, our Funeral Catering Services ensure a smooth and hassle-free funeral catering event to grace the funeral with delicious food, signifying the occasion.


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Our Funeral Services Consultants are available 24/7 to assist you. To reach us, simple call our helpline at +65 6631 8411 or email us with the contact form on this page.  At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), help is always only a phone call away.

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