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Catholic Funeral Services

In Singapore Catholic funeral services, the Church seeks to pray for the soul of the deceased in the afterlife as well as provide comfort to the deceased’s family, in prayer with the rest of the Church. Canon Law governs strictly who can or cannot receive the Catholic funeral rites. If in doubt, a Parish priest should always be consulted.



Overview of the Catholic Funeral Rites

The Catholic Funeral rites consist of 3 parts:

  • Vigil
  • Funeral Mass
  • Burial/Cremation


This Service, also known at the wake, brings friends and family of the deceased together to remember the deceased. Typically, the vigil includes prayers lead by a priest or appropriate church member. A eulogy is said at the end by a family member or friend to recollect meaningful events and reminisce the memory of the deceased. There is also the singing of hymns as well as readings and reflection of the bible to comfort the friends and family of the deceased in spiritual gathering, reminding them that Christ triumphed death and promised eternal life.



Funeral Mass

During the FuneraI Mass, the body is sprinkled with holy water and covered with a pall, at the entrance, as a reminder of baptism. The procession into the church stops at the front of the altar where an open bible and a crucifix, symbols of Christian faith, may be placed on the casket. An urn of cremated remains may be carried in procession or placed on a table at the front of the church if there is no bodily remains of the deceased.

Though a typical Mass is generally formal and follows traditional rituals, some Singapore Catholic churches allow a slightly less formal funeral service, including personal reflections and remembrances of the deceased and special music performances by loved ones.

Holding a funeral Mass is preferred but is not a requirement. A moment of silence is offered to remember the deceased.

The funeral mass is believed to:

  • Give thanks and praise to God
  • Remind people of Christ’s promise of eternal life
  • Pray for the safe passage of the deceased soul into God’s loving mercy and care
  • To appeal to God to be merciful on the deceased person’s soul in purgatory.

It is purpose and focus is on worship and giving thanks and should thus be kept sacred for the reflection and prayer.

The Committal

This is usually occurs at the burial ground, however in recent years, cremation is allowed too. At the final place of gathering, the body is committed to rest with the hope of rising again during resurrection. Led by a priest or deacon, prayers are said for the deceased as family and friends gather to offer their final prayers and blessings for the deceased. This final rite concludes and gives closure to the Catholic Funeral process.

Role of a Funeral Director

While Catholics can always turn to the Church for guidance on funeral matters, having a Funeral Director familiar with planning and arranging Catholic funeral services is always useful. A good undertaker will have all the Catholic funeral requirements at his fingertips and can thus help take away the stress of making funeral arrangements.

Why Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪)?

The Tee Family has been in the funeral trade since 1965, helping bereaved Singapore families of all race and religion with all types of funeral arrangements. And with Solace, being helmed by our founder, Damien Tee (a third generation Tee family funeral director), you are assured of an experienced funeral services provider whenever you hire us. With us, you can expect a memorable and dignified farewell for your deceased loved one.

In addition, we are affordably priced, with our Catholic funeral packages starting from only $4,000. More importantly, you do not have to worry about hidden charges, as all items included in our funeral packages are transparently listed.

At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we understand your grief and know that this is a difficult time for you. Hence, all our staff have been trained to be extra sensitive and attentive to your every need throughout the wake and funeral proceedings. By leaving the funeral logistics to us, you can have peace of mind knowing that every minute detail will be taken care of, and that the end result is always a smooth running, stress-free and well arranged funeral.



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