Caskets are a place to hold the body of your loved one for viewing during the few days designated for the funeral wake, and for cremation. They are the closest element and purchase that will wholly symbolise the character and personality of the dearly departed. The price and details of each casket can differ immensely, with an array of the types of casket categorised by: Religion, Material, Size, Features and Means of Burial or Cremation.

Each casket has a specialty and a unique point. Making a purchase for a casket comes with many difficult decisions. This will only get harder with time constraints and pressure during this vulnerable period for the family of the deceased. Therefore, it is advisable that funeral pre-planning arrangements are made.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Casket

Caskets can be pricey, but there are affordable ranges as well that can suit those on a tighter budget. It is always advisable to scout around for more options, before narrowing down to the perfect one. Some factors to consider before buying a casket are: budget, the dearly departed loved one’s wishes and preferences, and the type of casket (material, size, features, etc).


Setting a budget before purchasing a casket can help to quickly narrow down your options from a wide variety of caskets. A budget also helps to ensure that the individual does not unnecessarily overspend on elaborate caskets.

The Deceased’s Wants and Wishes

It will always be useful if the loved one has already mentioned their preferences to another person. Instructions left behind will be a guide to carry out the funeral celebration as per how the departed has always wanted it to be. However, such details will often be left unsaid. The choice of casket should then be decided upon based on the deceased’s character and personality, and should resemble the deceased’s way of wanting to be remembered.

Types of Caskets

There are many types of caskets and little details that can be customized. The material of the casket, the casket’s size, features like the inner linen and casket lids, and the means of burial or cremation, will play a part in deciding which casket you should purchase.

Casket Type:

The price of a casket is dependent on the material used. Some examples of materials used to make caskets are:

  • Wood (Mahogany, Walnut, Pine, Oak, Maple etc.)
  • Metal (Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel etc.)
  • Fibreglass
  • Plastic

Metal caskets are considered longer lasting as compared to the other materials listed above. However, here in Singapore, it is less likely that metal caskets are chosen due to the limited land area in Singapore for burial. Hence, the more popular option here is a wood casket. For this reason, we do not carry metal caskets.

Casket Size:

An average sized casket is 84 by 20 by 23 inches. This may differ with a different model and material. This is usually sufficient space for an average sized person. In some cases, the family would prefer to get a smaller or larger casket to cater to the deceased’s body size. This can vary and can be customised to every individual’s need.

Casket features:

Some casket features include:

  • Casket lid (fully covered or half glass, etc.)
  • Inner fabric material lining (type of linen used and its colour)
  • Memory drawers or secret compartments

These features allow for the family members of the deceased to customize and choose a casket that is more suitable for their loved one. Some of these features are also dependant on religion. For example, Catholic and Christian families will prefer to purchase a casket with a half glass lid so that guests will be able to view the casket and pay their respects.

Means of Burial or Cremation:

There are certain types of caskets that are specifically meant for burial and others, for cremation. Burial caskets are more durable and resistant to rust. They are usually made of metal.

Cremation caskets must be combustible. Such caskets are usually made out of wood.

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