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Funeral Services Singapore

Affordable Singapore Funeral Director/ Undertaker Services. All Race and Religion.

Funeral Services for All Race and Religion

At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we understand the grief a bereaved family goes through due to the loss of someone dear. That's why we have the most complete list of funeral services, delivered with utmost care and sensitivity to your every need; whatever your race or religion, you can count on us for your loved one's funeral arrangements.

Catholic Funeral Services

Catholic Funeral Services comprises of the Vigil, Funeral Mass and Committal. It focuses on praying for the deceased soul and well-being of the bereaved. We are experienced Catholic Funeral Undertakers.

Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist believe in Karma and Re-Birth. A well arranged Buddhist Funeral Service is thus important for helping your loved one journey closer towards Nirvana. Being experienced undertakers, we can help.

Christian Funeral Services

A well planned Christian Funeral Service will seek to commemorate the deceased's life, pray for his resurrection as well as comfort the family. We are reliable and our Christian Funeral Packages are affordable.

Taoist Funeral Services

Taoist Funeral Services can can vary significantly, depending on the deceased dialect group. Funeral rites and rituals can differ too. Our experience will come in handy, when planning a Taoist Funeral.

Non-Religious Funerals

Non-Religious Funeral Services are not constraint by religious practices. They are held to honour the deceased and  commemorate his life. We can help give your loved one a meaningful farewell.

Soka Funeral Services

Soka Funeral Services are modern yet meaningful. Though they share the same Buddhist origin, Soka Funerals are usually much simple in setup and form. We can help with all funeral matters.

Repatriation Services

We offer repatriation services both to and from Singapore.

Funeral Catering

We offer a wide selection of dishes and our catered food is delicious.

Funeral Flowers

Others may sub-contract out their funeral flower orders; we don't

Affordably Priced Funeral Packages

Our funeral packages are affordably priced from just $4,000 for a 2 to 3 day Catholic, Christian, Soka or Free Thinker Funeral.

Taoist and Buddhist Funerals tend to cost a little more because they are generally more eleborate in nature.

Our 24/7 Funeral Helpline: +65 6631 8411

Death can occur at anytime, even in the wee hours of the morning. And on the passing on of a loved one, the bereaved family is usually grief stricken and at a loss. At such times, having access to an experienced funeral director is important.

At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we are here to help. That's why our 24 hour helpline is always manned by Funeral Consultants, experienced in all types of Singapore funeral rites and rituals. Our staff are well trained, knowledgeable and above all, sensitive to your needs. Most importantly, we are always just a phone call away.

Experienced Funeral Director

The sons of the Tee family have been undertakers since 1965. And our Founder Damien Tee is a third generation Tee family Funeral Director.

Having been mentored by his dad in the funeral trade since childhood, he has both the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your deceased loved one gets a dignified and memorable final farewell.

Other Funeral Related Services

Funeral Parlour Rental

We can help with the booking of a funeral parlour if needed.


Wide selection of casket to choose from, regardless of funeral type.


Though marble white urns are most common, there are other options.

Embalming Services

While others may subcontract this out, we do all Embalming in-house.

Mortician Makeup

Mortican makeup and hair styling is included in our Funeral Packages

Exhumation Services

Want to relocate the remains of your loved one? We can help.

Funeral Pre-Planning Services

Take the guesswork out of the equation when planning a funeral for a deceased family member by having it pre-planned, while your loved one is still alive. This way, you are always assured that the final funeral arrangements will be exactly what the deceased would have wanted.

At Solace (安祥殡葬礼仪), we can help. We provide free Funeral Pre-Planning services to give you that precious peace of mind knowing that your loved one's funeral will be well taken care of, when that inevitable day comes.

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